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Eden Katz, LMSW

Hello! My name is Eden (they/them). I am a white, trans, and queer trauma psychotherapist based in NYC. My approach to therapy is relational, humorous, and intersectional. Through an Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach, we'll dive into your inner world, address old wounds, and learn new ways to navigate life's stressors. I have undergone specialized training to help you rebuild connections and foster self-compassion day by day. 



I'm particularly enthusiastic about working with QTGNC, LGB, BDSM/kink, poly/CNM, and sex work communities. Being a part of the queer community myself, I recognize the importance of finding a therapist who understands your experiences. In addition, I strive to practice cultural humility with clients whose identities differ from mine. Together we will co-create an affirming, collaborative, and caring space as we work alongside one another.

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