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I provide therapy to individuals, couples/intimate partners, and families of all kinds, with a focus on alternative sexualities and lifestyles. I am affirming of queer and TGNC identities, kink and D/S lifestyle relationships, sex work, and polyamory/consensual non-monogamy. As a feminist transman, my work is informed by intersectionality and motivated by personal experience with the communities I serve.

You’ll find me warm and down to earth, with a strength-based approach that centers your priorities. I seek to support and empower you, as we explore your identities, relationships, and goals, in an affirming environment. I employ a variety of therapeutic modalities, including psychodynamic, CBT, and DBT, to meet your individual needs.


I hold an LCSW and graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work and have been a licensed social worker for 8 years. I provide clinical supervision to a team of LMSW therapists, and consultation and trainings/workshops to companies and organizations. 


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