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Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision to LMSWs who are looking to specialize in working with the most underserved sexuality and gender populations (including the trans/GNC/NB, LGBQ, BDSM/kink, poly/CNM, and sex work communities), as well as with youth and those struggling with substance use.  Priority will be given to LMSWs with intersecting identities in more than one of these populations. My practice offers generous benefits depending on number of hours worked, and supervisees of color can choose to work with two pro bono clients of color and get paid their full fee. Currently all clients are seen remotely, but in the future a hybrid of remote and in-person hours will be available.

Application Form

If different than above

Please note any internships, practicums, volunteer or other work you've done related to the populations listed above.

Please describe how this position will fit in with your current life and schedule, and support your goals.

Please describe how you would be a good fit for working with me and the populations my practice serves.

Please list your availability to see clients, noting any preferred days and times

Personal Identities/Affiliations (choose all that apply)

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