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Liam Cudmore, LCSW

I supervise the therapists listed here, who have weekday and weekend morning, afternoon, and evening office hours, and offer lower fee and sliding scale appointments (depending on availability). I curate the colleagues I work with to reflect my practice ethics, and many of the colleagues on my team are personally connected to the communities we work with. They practice under my supervision, meaning that they follow my practice model and have access to my expertise, experience, and guidance.  We welcome people of every ability, age, gender, national origin, race/ethnicity, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation.


I am a queer, interracial Latinx femme offering counseling for individuals, couples and non-monogamous relationships. As a person of color in the LGBTQIA+/kink/poly/consensual relationship community, my approach is anti-racist, anti-oppressive, trauma informed, sex affirming, and abolitionist.
My work with queer, transgender/GNC folx has led to a focus in issues relating to internalized and institutional racism and oppression, sexual identity, trauma, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and self-esteem. By employing strengths-based, narrative-lead therapy, I will help you to embody being the expert of your experience.With your truest self brought to the room, my promise is to be beside you, supporting you, affirming you and challenging you. Let’s start together!


Hi there :) Carter (they/he) here! I’m a white, queer, trans masc, non-binary human. My queer and trans identities are deeply rooted in how I approach being a social worker/therapist. I view this work as a collaboration: you are the expert in your own life and my job as a therapist is to listen, be a witness to your journey and create (as much) safety as possible. My practice is grounded in a social justice and anti-oppressive framework not limited by the gender binary. I like to focus on joy and alignment because so often systems want to commodify our pain. I incorporate narrative therapies, IFS, CBT, mindfulness, attachment theory and somatic techniques. Reach out if you are exploring your gender/sexuality, need support through a crisis, feel lost, are experiencing anxiety and/or depression, or seek to explore family dynamics and how it impacts interpersonal connections now. When I’m not working, I’m cooking something much too complicated for my skill set and playing Animal Crossing while dreaming of adopting a dog.


I believe in therapy as a way to understand our pasts and to move forward in the present. As a queer transplant to NYC, a former professional classical vocalist, and a certified yoga teacher, I also believe therapy can be a helpful tool in navigating transitions, staying rooted, and expressing our creative selves. I have a Bachelors and Masters in music/opera, and a Masters in social work from Columbia University. I focus on working with queer clients grappling with family trauma and issues of identity, particularly those with an interest in performing and creative arts, or in addressing the role of spirituality and energy work in their healing processes. Additionally, I work with non-monogamous and/or kink-oriented individuals and couples in navigating how to live more fully and authentically through an anti-oppressive lens. I'm excited to collaborate on your journey!


My approach to therapy is rooted in the notion that identity is an experience continuously in process. Drawing from range of both psychodynamic and behavioral theories and techniques, my goals as a therapist are to work collaboratively with individuals and couples to explore the interior experiences that have shaped their present realities, behaviors, challenges, and goals. I work primarily with individuals to address a range of challenges including identity, gender, sexuality, family/relational, to more complex mood and emotion regulation symptoms and diagnoses.


Hi there! My name is Richard (they/them) and I am a Non-binary Filipinx Psychotherapist based in New York City. Growing up as a queer, low-income, first-generation college student with immigrant parents, I draw on my experiences to provide social justice-informed trauma therapy. My therapy space is warm, collaborative, client-centered, and strengths-based, and much of my expertise has been working with queer, transgender, and HIV-affected youth and adults around experiences of abuse and violence. My goals as a therapist is to help LGBTQ+ clients, especially those who also identify as a person of color, heal from trauma and explore their gender/sexual identity in a safe space. I look forward to working together with you to achieve your therapy goals.


Hello! My name is Eden (they/them). I identify as white, trans and queer. My approach to therapy is relational, anti-oppressive, and trauma informed. While I use multiple modalities in sessions, I also believe you are the expert on you and I will not limit what is possible based on these modalities and your intended goals. I offer talk therapy to adolescents, emerging adults, and adults seeking to explore their gender and sexuality. I am committed to supporting members of the QTGNC, LGB, BDSM/kink, poly/CNM, and sex work communities. I combine my lived experience with my clinical knowledge to best support and uplift clients. 

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Hi, my name is Nicholas. I’m a Latinx, Middle Eastern, Jewish, and queer Psychotherapist. My multicultural upbringing, experiences with immigration, and being from a low-income household have not only inspired me to help people who are marginalized because of how they identify, but also those who experience systematic violence. I provide a safe, supportive space where we can dive into the root causes of problems, and utilize social justice and trauma-informed approaches. I’ve worked with people of all ages in English and Spanish on issues surrounding their LGBTQ+ identities, substance use, many forms of violence, complex diagnoses, forced migration, family systems, and abuse. Together we can work to overcome challenges for you to align with your most authentic self.


Hello ! My name is Isabella (they/she) and I am a gender non-conforming multicultural practitioner. I bring a compassionate and curious presence to my sessions which help me get a better understanding of you as an individual. I am a close ally with the kink and sex worker community and identify as a member of the LGBTQ. In my experience, our approaches to the world and our interactions with each other are direct products of our environments we have grown through. I work within a strengths base perspective while also understanding growth is best developed in a holistic approach and will work with you on a pathway of healing that best suits your needs. Whether you are pursuing therapy to help with navigating mood disorders, interpersonal relationships, or are simply just testing out therapy; I hope to encourage you to be curious within this therapeutic space where we can explore your inner workings and goals. 

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