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Carter Houston, LMSW

Hi there :) Carter (they/he) here! I’m a white, queer, trans masc, non-binary human. My queer and trans identities are deeply rooted in how I approach being a social worker/therapist. I view this work as a collaboration: you are the expert in your own life and my job as a therapist is to listen, be a witness to your journey and create (as much) safety as possible.


My practice is grounded in a social justice and anti-oppressive framework not limited by the gender binary. I like to focus on joy and alignment because so often systems want to commodify our pain. I incorporate narrative therapies, IFS, CBT, mindfulness, attachment theory and somatic techniques. Reach out if you are exploring your gender/sexuality, need support through a crisis, feel lost, are experiencing anxiety and/or depression, or seek to explore family dynamics and how it impacts interpersonal connections now.


When I’m not working, I’m cooking something much too complicated for my skill set and playing Animal Crossing while dreaming of adopting a dog.

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