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Claire Howard, LMSW

I am a queer, interracial Latinx femme offering counseling for individuals, couples and non-monogamous relationships. As a person of color in the LGBTQIA+/kink/poly/consensual relationship community, my approach is anti-racist, anti-oppressive, trauma informed, sex affirming, and abolitionist.

My work with queer, transgender/GNC folx has led to a focus in issues relating to internalized and institutional racism and oppression, sexual identity, trauma, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and self-esteem. By employing strengths-based, narrative-lead therapy, I will help you to embody being the expert of your experience.With your truest self brought to the room, my promise is to be beside you, supporting you, affirming you and challenging you. Let’s start together!

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