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Jana Keith-Jennings, LMSW

My approach to therapy is rooted in the notion that identity is an experience continuously in process. Drawing from range of both psychodynamic and behavioral theories and techniques, my goals as a therapist are to work collaboratively with individuals and couples to explore the interior experiences that have shaped their present realities, behaviors, challenges, and goals. I work primarily with individuals to address a range of challenges including identity, gender, sexuality, family/relational, to more complex mood and emotion regulation symptoms and diagnoses.


Before joining Liam Cudmore’s practice, I trained and worked primarily with adolescent, young adult, and adult populations facing serious and/or chronic trauma including severe PTSD resulting from various forms of violence and abuse, such as sexual violence, carceral violence, discrimination, and oppression. I have worked with populations including veterans transitioning from the military to civilian life, incarcerated individuals, individuals involved in the criminal and family justice systems, LGBQ, T/GNB, and sex worker survivors of sexual and/or interpersonal violence. In addition to doing private practice work. I also currently work with people in recovery for eating disorders and other psychiatric disorders including BPD, OCD, depression, anxiety disorders, and/or C-PTSD. I have received extensive training in CBT, CBT-E, and DBT from Behavioral Tech and am currently training in various exposure techniques for working with PTSD, anxiety, and extreme emotion. 


My approach to therapy is grounded in intersectional, anti-oppressive, queer, trans, and gender theories, as well as my own personal experiences as a non-binary (they/them) white-passing queer person. I strive to offer an affirming space for TGNC/GNB and LGBQ individuals, as well as members of the BDSM/kink and poly communities, to creatively explore their various identities, relationship configurations, and sexualities in.

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