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Jess Laliberte, LMSW

I believe in therapy as a way to understand our pasts and to move forward in the present. As a queer transplant to NYC, a former professional classical vocalist, and a certified yoga teacher, I also believe therapy can be a helpful tool in navigating transitions, staying rooted, and expressing our creative selves. I have a Bachelors and Masters in music/opera, and a Masters in social work from Columbia University.


I focus on working with queer clients grappling with family trauma and issues of identity, particularly those with an interest in performing and creative arts, or in addressing the role of spirituality and energy work in their healing processes. Additionally, I work with non-monogamous and/or kink-oriented individuals and couples in navigating how to live more fully and authentically through an anti-oppressive lens. I'm excited to collaborate on your journey!

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